Our Plush Little Story


“I HATED that good night’s sleep!” —said no one, ever.

Many moons ago, we realized we were sick (and yes, tired!) of waking up wondering why our pillows sucked. We, like you, have bought pillows from stores, online, and maybe even from snazzy infomercials…

Yet we wanted something BETTER.

So we leapt into researching the pillow industry— yes, it’s an entire cushy industry. A $3 billion one, in fact, with a “b.”

We ended up realizing what now seems sooo obvious:

People sleep differently.

But the big-box pillow brands don’t want you to know that. It’s MUCH easier to mass produce sub-par pillows that don’t take YOU and your sleep style into consideration. That’s when:

*Big bang!* Poof!

Noggin and Wink was born. :)

We created Noggin and Wink as the ONLY company that curates pillows based on how you sleep. So you CAN sleep.

Because you’re not like everyone else— why should your pillow be?


The Power Behind The Pillow


Created by serial entrepreneur Ronald Izen in 2016, Noggin and Wink is backed by 30+ years in retail and product development. Despite the sale of bagillions of pillows every year, not ONE so-called pillow expert had ever created customized solutions for different people and thus, different sleepers.

A tenacious innovator and driver for change in the marketplace, Ronald created Noggin and Wink to crack the pillow paradigm and give people what they really want:

INCREDIBLE ooohh ahhh rest— thanks to a pillow…

Designed just for YOU.


Our Cruelty-Free Mission


We aim to grow Noggin and Wink into the #1 cruelty-free pillow in the bedding industry worldwide. More happy sleepers + less cruelty, we feel, is a sweet, sweet thing.


We Applaud Standing Out  


Noggin and Wink is the only pillow company that targets how you sleep within its state-of-the-art pillow design. By addressing how you sleep, you’ll find, is how you can sleep.

Get a pillow unique to you.